About Us


With over 15 years of practical experience in leadership positions in business enterprises and years of international experience, we have always dealt with the economic development of markets and business models. Our work is therefore characterized by extensive expertise and a good amount of passion. The passion to achieve goals and also be able to think creatively and laterally is not only characteristic, but also the secret of success par excellence.

What distinguishes us:

  • Longstanding practical experience
  • Empathy and social competence
  • Innovative and methodological competence

Among my responsibilities were:

  • Managing Director - sales and service office (experiences inland and abroad)
  • International Sales Director - capital goods (companies with 250 employees)
  • Interim Manager - sales and business development (service companies)

With a particular industry focus on industrial special plants and mechanical engineering, electronics and IT industries, retail and food industry, we have set the course for growth in various industries.

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