Project Brokers and agencies

Hints for project mediators and agencies

In general, I prefer direct customer relationships. To be able to start a business relationship with you as a project mediator, certain preconditions must be given on my part.

  • Commissions of more than 10 % will not be accepted.
  • I will not participate in supply chains. Maximally, one project mediation will be accepted between contractor and end user.
  • For reasons of fairness, the disclosure of the contract with the end customer is assumed.
  • Before I can enter into negotiations with you, please send me the framework agreement in advance. After an economic and legal assessment, we can enter a contractual relationship. Confidentiality of the sent documents is self-evident.
  • Any existing customer safeguard clauses are part of the project contract and only relate to an individual project. They are not valid, if I have already carried out projects for the customer. I will inform you accordingly without delay upon notice.
  • Preliminary agreements, no matter of what kind, will not be entered on my part.
  • Project mediators or agencies based only in the Federal Republic of Germany. German law shall apply.


If you are a serious mediator and regard a business relationship based on these principles as possible, , I look forward to being in contact with you.