As a specialist in business development, I successfully advise my international clientele to adjust their product portfolio to meet future requirements. By enabling my clients to access future markets through adjusting their current product offerings and the development of strategies, I put them in the position to achieve a superior competitive position. The systematic procedure assures a high level of planning and decision confidence in the development of new businesses. With the implementation of performance measurement systems and continuous performance analysis, I can ensure sustainable success. On top of that, as a Master of Business Administration (IBS), I always endeavor to determine the most economically rational and optimal course of action. Due to my focus and high specialization in the core subject of business development, I am able to reach both high-quality and efficient solutions.

I would gladly assist you in the following areas:

* Market Research and Competitive Analysis
* Strategy Consulting and Business Planning
* Implementation and Performance Analysis

With a comprehensive range of analytical tools and high methodological expertise I can quickly determine the appropriate measures. Mutually, we will then decide on the appropriate course of action. If necessary, I will also support you with the operational implementation and monitoring of results.For specialist topics, I have a competent network of experts, such as accountants, lawyers, notaries and investors, available. In specific questions I access the knowledge of proficient parties so that profound knowledge facilitates informed choices.

I would be glad to accompany you through the cycles of your business development starting with the preparation of business plans, founding concepts, business evaluations and strategizing business ideas.

However, I do not provide any tax or legal advice.